Tuesday, May 3

Skewers Overload

My friends and I agreed to have a send-off dinner because one of us was about to leave for Belfast. He'll be deployed there for a month or two. We asked him to decide where he wanted to have dinner and he wanted Jap food. We ended up at Nanbantei of Tokyo at Greenbelt3.

So it was my first time to eat at Nanbantei of Tokyo so I wasn't sure what to order. I was told that I should definitely try their skewers... So we ordered 2 sets of their Best Seller >>

It has the following >> 21 sticks in total: Aspara Maki, Tebasaki, Pork Garlic Yaki, Shiso Maki, Negima, Corn, and Poteto Maki.

This is how they cook the skewers.. so I think it can be considered 'healthy'

I like it! I think it's a good choice for people who really aren't that hungry and just want to chat over light dinner.

Friends pics:

Our side of the table --

Their side of the table --

I'm out. :)

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