Wednesday, May 4

Memphis Memories (Part III) - Elvis is Alive!

During our family US trip last year, we were fortunate enough that we were invited by family friends to visit Memphis. This also gave us the chance to see where the King of Rock and Roll lived. :)

Ladies and gents.... Welcome to GRACELAND!

It was amazing that even after n-number of years, a lot of people still want to see this place. It was a nice surprise to see lots of people lining up at the lobby area. Whenever we go on tours I like being in a 'group' of people, parang dagdag sa tourist-y feel yung madaming tao. :)

Here's the lobby area. It had a number of souvenir shops.


 The whole place was subdivided into different tour destinations. There's the mansion, the car museuem, sincerely elvis (consists of memorabilia: records, pics, awards, clothes) and his airplanes.

First stop is... The Mansion! We went by shuttle bus to the site. During the ride, we were given earphones and remote controls.. you can choose the number based on what the tour guide instructs or what's written on signs in different parts of the mansion. Once you click on that number, a voice over will tell you a story about that particular area.

Here... we were being told how to use it. :)

Then... we see the Mansion :)

To be continued :)

I'm out.


kg said...

wow! so dyan pala nanggaling si elvis ha! nice!

aaminin ko na...that's really my land. he he!

witsandnuts said...

Strange, pero ang naaalala ko eh si Scotty of American Idol pag namemention si Elvis. :)

docgelo said...

there are times i like elvis' songs; depends on my mood. but it's good to see memorabilia of iconic figures like elvis!