Wednesday, May 11

Memphis Memories (Part IV) - Elvis is Alive!


So here is Elvis' living room. It's the first thing you'll notice when you get inside the mansion. Why? Most probably because of the colorful glass designs.

To learn about the history of the room... we had to click #31

It was said that the family spent most of their mornings here, waiting for their mom to ready up their breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, off we go to the kitchen and dining area.

If you look closer, you'll see that most of the appliances and utensils are old ones. Most of them were actually used by the family. Here's the dining area.

Priscilla and Lisa Marie

Off we go to the second floor and the first thing you'll see is the bedroom of the parents of Elvis.

Those clothes/dresses belong to Elvis' mother. :)

Next stop.. is the bar/entertainment room. Of course every rock n' roll superstar should have one. It's sooo yellow!

Mama and Papa listening
What I love about this room is that the ceiling is made of mirrors!

We were told to transfer rooms again.. it was just across the bar/entertainment room. We ended up in the pool-table room. And what amazed me about this room is that the whole room was draped with cloth. Ceilings and walls included.

Grabe.. draped everything! Who else can pull that off????

To be continued...

I'm out.


kg said...

ang ganda ng bahay nya! i also like the colorful glass designs at yung pool room. astig!

witsandnuts said...

Ang ganda! Sobrang naenjoy ko yung virtual tour heeheee. Imagine meron pang jungle room (on your succeeding post).