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What a Creepy Idea

While we were on our way to the Esplanade, we passed by one long hallway that had several 'artwork' on them.

From afar we thought they were paintings, but as we went closer, we saw that they were actually pictures.

I asked my friend Aimee if she had any idea who they were, then as we walked some more and saw more pictures, we then realized that they were pictures of....

People sentenced with 'Death by Lethal Injection' and their Last Meals.... =\

There was even one picture that says that the man refused his last meal and requested for a piece of paper and wrote "I want Justice" instead.

How eerie is that?!.... I wonder why they had such an idea...

I'm out.


Leda said…
nice, it's creative... but depressing at the same time. hahaha!
Calvin said…
weird way to send a message. may advertisement pa ng coca cola. :P
witsandnuts said…
This is my kind of exhibit. Heehee. But yes, interesting but creepy. ;)
Kayni said…
reading about this gives me the creeps already. weird idea, but it does make an impact.
docgelo said…
whoa! i found that kind of weird.
i wouldn't wish even in my wildest dream to be convicted but hypothetically speaking, if i have my portrait done the same way with my last-meal, i wonder how kare-kare and ice cream would look amazing with my mug shot. LOL!
Chyng said…
Creepy but I like it! ♥

Mabisita nga yan..
kg said…
creepy nga. and the way these pictures are lighted, it's like being privately with these people!
Rico said…
I wonder whose bright idea it was? And what's the message anyway? To be good boys and girls?
Dennis Villegas said…
First time ako nakakita ng ganito, Cza. Galing!
dyosa said…
Very nice and interesting. I've always been curious about the last meal of the people in this row. Pero kung ako yun, I'm not sure if I will eat pa.
Anonymous said…
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caryn said…
whoa! that is soooo creepy!

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