Thursday, February 25

The Cutest Little Indian (Igorot) Boy

That's my nephew Andy when he was around 2-3 y.o. I think. How cuuuuuute! He's a big boy now... and he'll be leaving us soon. *sniff sniff* :( He'll be going to Chicago to be with his Mama and Daddy around June.

Haaaaay.. just the thought of it makes me sad already. Oh well, we'll visit him often hopefully. Kaya I really need to save-up for the upcoming US trips. Kaya to! :)

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

nakikita ko sa kanya si aleksei ah. chubby din! hihi! :P

wow "often" talaga ah! go go go sa pagsave! :)

kg said...

ang cute! kakalungkot talaga yan. ako nga malapit lang nakatira mga pamangkin ko pero nalulungkot ako pag umuuwi na sila from our house! he! he! over ba?