Wednesday, February 3

Ice Cream!!!

While I was walking along Orchard Rd. with Stesh and Wayne, Stesha was telling me that I should not forget to try the dirty ice cream version of Singapore, but because we were already full that night, I wasn't able to do so. When Mama visited me over the weekend, it was a day of shopping and nonstop walking. While we were walking along Orchard Rd., we saw that people were lining up to buy some ice cream, of course we lined up too.

The ice cream was cut into "1 bar of butter" proportions. Then they'd ask you if you'd like to have it in a bun or sandwiched between wafers. Para maiba, we tried the wafer. They had a variety of flavors:

Mama had the Macadamia, I had the Tin Roof Brownie.

Yumyum! Another must-try for SG tourists. :)

I'm out.


kg said...

you know what? i think i saw this stand along orchard road.

that ice cream looks one of a kind ha...

docgelo said...

i love ice cream like i like yogurt and gelato too. i'll post something about my addiction to those sweet temptations real soon.
meanwhile, i was drooling at those wafer-sandwiched ice cream you had at sg! excuse me, as i wipe my keyboard. lol.

Calvin said...

hehe may nakita kaming ganyan sa esplanade. but we tried the flavored shaved ice drink instead.

princess_dyanie said...

we tried that in front of paragon haha! SG$1 pa rin ba sya?

Chyng said...

I like! Ü

Rico said...

Naku we didn't get to try this! Another reason to go back. My wife loved Orchard Road. Shopping is Singapore is so hard. There's just so many malls! :)

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