Monday, February 22

Cav Wine Shop - Cafe

Oh yes yes... Lamb is all you need :P

Especially if the dish was as good as the one we ate when we had dinner at Cav Wine Shop - Cafe.

Crispy Lamb Belly with
Malagos Cheese Ginnochi. Vadouvan Vegetables. Herbed Jus

It was delicious! 5 stars.. two thumbs up! ;) Pair it up with the perfect wine from their selection as well.

We had our Heart's Day dinner at Cav. We signed-up for their set menu for Vday that costs P1600/person. Not bad at all. It was a complete meal.

Free bread

I love the bread because it was warm and soft. :)

Free Appetizer :
Shrimp and Broccoli soup

Courtesy of the Chef. :) It was delicious, I'll definitely order this next time.

Veal Capaccio

This was my ordered appetizer, the middle part was yellow-fin tuna. Yumyum! The sauce was great, went well with the veal and the tuna. :)

Smoked Salmon

Arvic's appetizer, he liked it as well. The salmon was fresh and the sauce was great.

Soup: Duck Consomme

Not a big fan of the actual ravioli the duck was wrapped with.. the soup tasted good though.

Chocolate Terrine
Hazelnut Meringue. Frozen Nougar Cream. Valrhona Gana

Too sweeeeeeet.. the hazelnut covered up a bit of the sweetness of the meringue.

We will be back soon Cav... to taste those wines. :)

I'm out.


Chyng said...

All for P1600/each? Ayos! ♥

kg said...

oh my! that meal looks awesome and yummy!

Calvin said...

nice date. happy 30th month you two!

princess_dyanie said...

ang sarap naman ng vdate nyo! wait, di maamoy yung lamb? i tasted lamb too in secret recipe in shang pero the lamb has this "maamoy" taste. :P

Kayni said...

wow...looks delicious. good to hear you had a wonderful vday.

Photo Cache said...

that's what i call date night.

the food all looks delish. i love lamb kc.

docgelo said...

looks like a lovely dinner! =)

dyosa said...

Looks like you had the perfect V-date with your perfect boy. :D

That salmon looks fresh and fab!

PansitLove said...

you can never go wrong with lamb! ooh rah!