Friday, January 8

Searching for food - Day 1 (Singapore Trip)

Nighttime of (technically)day 1 in SG, I decided to walk around because I felt like a loner in my hotel room. Plus, I needed to feel the city. The plan was to go with the flow of people and because it was the rush hour already, it wasn't that hard to spot the flow. While walking, felt hungry and instantly decided that since I have no idea where and what to eat, I followed people around and ended up in a stall where a lot of people are queueing up for something. Curious me ended up buying the same thing most of them were buying.
Stall name: Shihlin - Taiwan Street Food

The Food : XXL Crispy Chicken

The verdict : It was spicy, tasty and definitely crispy. :)
Another one crossed out of my bucket list : Eat out alone in an unfamiliar place. ;) (Yes, my list is THAT specific.. HAHA!)
I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

cza!!! im sooo proud of u! day 1 done! :)

ingat ingat! :)

Anonymous said...

food trip!!! message me. am in singapore also:)

docgelo said...

looks delish to me =)

Cza said...

@princess_dyanie - salamat! I'm proud of me too! :D

@mike - ooooh game... meet up? :)

@docgelo - it was delish! :D

kg said...

sarap naman. at least you found something edible. he! he!

you know what, i'll be going to singapor (and KL) this end of january (with rico and his wife, plus a friend). will be going back here for tips! :)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

love singapore's street food!! love the chicken rice, noodles, char siew, satay and kaya toasts sold in hawker centers!