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Our Fireworks, Hello 2010!

Papa really is a fan of really big and colorful fireworks and that's the reason why I was such a big fan of it as well. Last night, the whole family welcomed 2010 with our very own fireworks display... It was a great way to start the year. I loved it!!!

I liked how Rhino (my camera) got to capture the images. :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hello 2010!!!

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said…
yihaaaaa!! bagong theme!! :)
Calvin said…
happy new year!!! *torotottt*

nice new theme! at least unang magloload yung post bago yung mga widgets. much better!
Anonymous said…
fantastic fireworks! have a wonderful twenty ten! God bless.
Dennis Villegas said…
Wow, nice captures! Bea looks cute! Happy New year, Luna!
Dennis Villegas said…
Ooops sorry nagkahalo ang mga comment ko hehehe...I was looking at Bea's picture in Luna Miranda's blog while also looking at your nice photos of the fireworks :)

Happy New Year!
kg said…
hi cza! new look ang blog mo ha! is the quote on your home page by st. augustine? :)

kami naman family, lagi lang nakikinood ng fireworks. mas gusto kasi namin pag malayo! free-riders! he! he! :)
ALiNe said…
Happy new year Cza cza!
Chyng said…
Hello Cza Happy New Year!

I love fireworks too. And nice ha, mag name din ang camera mo. I named my point and shoot camera Vincent. haha
dyosa said…
Daming fireworks! Parang minii-pyro olympics ha!

Happy New Year Cza! Have a fab 2010! :D
Cza said…
@dyanie - yeah.. para new lahat for 2010! ;D Happy New Year!

@Calvin - yeah.. thanks to you! sabe mo kasi ang bagal magload e. ;D

@docgelo - thanks!!! Happy 2010 to you too! :D
Cza said…
@Dennis Hahaha! Tsktsk.. ;D
Cza said…
@kg - yupyup, the quote is from St. Augustine. Nice catch! :D
Cza said…
@Aline - Happy New Year Alien!
Cza said…
Hi Chyng! Happy New Year to you too and to your family. ;D Oooh nice name for your camera too. :D
kg said…
@kg - yupyup, the quote is from St. Augustine. Nice catch! :D

i love that quote...and st. augustine was the patron saint of my school. :)

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