Friday, January 29


During my whole stay at SG, I got to spend dinner time with different friends. One of those dinner dates I had was with Stesha and Wayne (one of the coolest couples ever!). ;)

They wanted me to try the soft shell crab at Thai Express. So off we went to one of the malls along Orchard St., I forgot the name already.

The Food.

Soft Shell Crab Curry

And the Pepper Soft Shell Crab (or something of that name ;P)

And the Tea that I love love loved! :)

It was a feast! I loved the food so much that on my last weekend there, I just had to have a taste of it again. Yes, I am allergic to crab! Good thing I had my allergy meds with me. :P

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

pasaway na bata! allergic na nga kumain pa din haha! :P

Calvin said...

mmmm looks yummy. baket soft shell? do you eat the shell too? will try it pag bumalik ako ng SG.

prinsesamusang said...

wow that looks great! you've made me imagine how that tea tasted like!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

wow, you're tipping your toes on dangerous waters kahit may allery meds kang dala.

Cza said...

@Calvin - yupyup! You can eat the shell :)

Chyng said...

I love Thai food! Yummy!

Rico said...

Looks so good! There was this resto we tried in SG that served great-tasting tea too! Sarap ng crabs no? I could have that everyday. Kaso sobrang mahal kung everyday, at baka ma-high blood ako.

gourmandtales said...

i love soft shelled crabs.. will give this place a try