Wednesday, January 20

Home Sweeeeeeet Home

Oh yes, I am hoooooooooooooooooooome! :)
I missed you, Manila.. *big huuuuug*

I'm thankful for the trip and the experience of traveling and working alone elsewhere... What a great way to kickoff 2010. :)

I feel happy to be back home.

I shall be posting lots of entries and pics on the following days. For now, I'm going to sleep and get ready for tons of work this coming week.

I'm out.


Kayni said...

welcome home =). can't wait to see your posts about SG.

ALiNe said...


kg said...

welcome back cza!

naku, next week, kami naman nina rico ang asa singapore. kumikita sila sa atin ha! :)

Calvin said...

welcome back!!back to regular programming na ba ulit? :)

Cza said...

@Kayni - Salamat! :)

@Aline - OLA!

@kg - wow.. kayo naman! go go go. maeenjoy nyo for sure. :)

@Calvin - yupyup! back to regular programming ;)

princess_dyanie said...

czaaaaaa! welcome baaaack! i miss you! :P apir! see dba nakaya mo naman mag isa? weee ;)