Wednesday, January 20

Chinatown in SG

I got the chance to visit Chinatown while I was in SG due to the persistence of my good friend, Stesh (Hi Steshi!). She was determined to show me bargain prices for pasalubong pieces. When we got there, I liked the place right away. :) The colors, the people and the variety of things you can buy. The place was so alive!

I have to admit that the price was definitely lower compared to the pasalubong pieces in the malls (esp. compared to the ones Mama bought in Lucky Plaza).

After walking and looking around, we got to Chinatown Food Street wherein there was a long line of foodstalls. Yes, we had a feast. Food post will follow. ;)

I'm out.


Kayni said...

oh, i love shopping for pasalubongs =). did you buy anything? i want to

kg said...

tama ka cza, the colors are great! oh my! excited nako pumunta sa chinatown!

Photo Cache said...

I like SG chinatown too. WEll any city's chinatown is worth visiting imo.

Hoped you sampled their many eats, they're all tasty.

witsandnuts said...

I'm surprised there's a Mosque Street there. =) Where's our pasalubong? Heehee.

princess_dyanie said...

ang daming pinoys sa lucky plaza dba? teka na try mo ba yung ice cream bar sa may paragon? sarap dba :)

ps: ask ko sana sa FB mo eh. kala ko ba solo trip to? eh may nakita ko na pic kasama mo momi mo eh hehe :P

Cza said...

@dyanie - haha! sumulpot si Mama over the weekend, pero umuwi din nung Sunday. Nagshopping lang sya dun. :)