Thursday, September 10

Resume Writing

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So I've been updating my resume lately for proper documenting purposes only (yeah right! =p). And I came across a number of really effective tips that I liked from InsideTech. Here are the tips they pointed out.

1. The One-Page-Resume Rule is a big mistake

We all heard about this rule already. Actually, I myself tried to fit all information in one page some time before. I ended up still having a 3-page one. Too much precious info that aren't worth editing out. According to the tip given, Yes, we do need to be concise with the details but please take note that precise is not equal to 'force everything into one page'. :)

2. You attach it to your email as a Word document

I am sooo guilty of this. Apparently, the more appropriate way is to have it submitted in PDF format. This way, it won't be easily editable. And it looks neater as well. The biggest plus point is that whatever formatting you did to your document will be reflected correctly and exactly the way you intended it to be. Which reminds me that I should download a PDF converter. :)

3. You list every job you’ve ever had in chronological order

I thought this was a given but apparently not anymore nowadays. I was always curious as to why some job-seeking sites (monster, jobsdb, jobstreet) allow you to upload more than 1 resume... So this is why. You can edit your resume based on the position you're targeting. For example, if you've been a developer in one company and a tester on another then of course you'll be listing down different skillsets. What you need are two versions of your resume to highlight the skillset related to the job you're applying for. Sounds reasonable enough right? But of course, never ever list down skillsets you really aren't familiar with, unless you wanna be grilled in your interview with questions you really don't have answers for. :)

So what are we waiting for? Let's update update update. :)

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

ay talaga? dapat ba PDF na resume? haha! naka MS word pa rin yung akin hahaha!

kg said...

tama yung number 3. whatever information you put in your resume should be relevant to the position you are applying for. tanggalin mo na yung di naman related.

i remember my first ever resume, dun sa skill, nakalagay, "skilled in driving"...and it was a bank i was applying to. siguro sabi nung HR, "Hello...ano naman ang idradrive mo dito sa banko?" he! he!

witsandnuts said...

That's right, dapat customized yung CV depende sa position na inaapply-an. =)

Rico said...

It's been ages since I've revised my resume. I wonder what I'd put in now after seven years?!
Great tips. Hunting for greener pastures?

dyosa said...

I convert mine to PDF too. But if you don't have a converter, you can still use MS Word but password-protect it. :-)

Keith said...

I wish you luck and wisdom in your endeavor. I am disabled and am unfit for any of my past employ. I pray I will be retrained and ready to write my resume again soon. god bless