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Mini Miracles

I was at Starbucks Araneta Center because we had no connection at home and I still needed to check emails for work. Got to read A LOT of facebook status and twitter notes asking for help and telling stories of ordeals about the devastating weekend we all had. And I was thinking of ways to help... Was contemplating on going to LaSalle Greenhills to volunteer as well. Said a little prayer to ask God how He wants me to help then just a few tables away from me I was called to help two elderly women trying to figure out their laptop connection.

Women1 : "Iha, marunong ka ba neto? Patulong nman kami kasi hindi namen mapagana"
Women2: "Naghahang e, ayaw tumuloy.."

I checked on it and told them to remove the battery and the power connection then try to put it on again. It worked, so I went back to my seat/table afterwards. An hour after, they called my attention again.

W1: "Iha, isesend na sana namen yung document. Pano ba to?"
W2: "Eto yung email address o."
Me: "May yahoo mail po ba kayo?"
W2: *addressing the other old lady* "Yahoo daw.. meron ba tayo nun?"
W1: "Ay meron ako.."
Me: "Sige po maglogin na po kayo. Gawin po naten from there."

They log-in and ask me to attach a document they already typed in the last few hours they were here. I composed the email (I noticed that the document they were attaching had the title "Requesting for Funds", but of course I didn't get to see the details), sent it, then went back to my table as well. . After a few minutes, they tried to talk to me again.

W1: "Iha, salamat ha.. ano nga pa lang pangalan mo?"
Me: "Ay okay lang po yun, Marianne po nickname ko (My family calls me Marianne)."
W2: "Wow what a nice name... God bless you Mama Mary!"
Me: *a bit confused* "Po??"
W1: "We're nuns.. mga madre kami from Good Shepherd."
Me: *still confused because they weren't dressed with the usual nun clothing*"Ah tlaga po.. bakit po kayo nandito?"
W1: "Humihingi ng tulong sa mga nasa malayo."
W2: "Salamat sa pagtulong.. Siguro hindi pa nmen masesend yun kung wala ka dito."
Me: "Ay wala po yun."
W2: "Baka gusto mong magmadre din?"
Me: "Ay, may boyfriend na po ako e."
W1: "Aaaah.. sa amin kasi mailap ang lalaki kaya kami naging madre e."

Then we laughed and chatted some more until it was time for them to leave already.

Then I realized that the email was asking funds for the the flood victims here. They were doing their part to help. And it really amazed me that in my own little way, I felt like I kinda helped already as well. Papa God really has His way of giving you the opportunity to help. May it be big or small..

Let's all do our part.

I'm out.


kg said…
the internet can be a big tool in times like these. we can reach out to those far away. sana lang meron makinig. :)
Cza said…
@kg - yeah.. i agree! :)
witsandnuts said…
What an experience! Natawa ako reason ng pagmadre nila. Hehe. But I'm sure, that's just a joke. =)
Rico said…
Naku galing talaga ng internet! God specifically picked and planted you there to help them. Galing ng story na to.
Cza said…
@Jo - O nga e.. tlagang niyayaya na ako e. :D

@Rico - Yeah.. galing no? I couldn't help smiling nga all throughout the day. :D

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