Monday, September 21

A day with my Sanity Keepers

After months of preparations and a whole lot of email exchanges.. The photoshoot day finally came. :D It was a fun day with my Sanity Keepers, too bad a number of us didn't make it though (Sheen, Perk, Eliza) Everyone had their camera's ready for the shoot.

I just realized that modeling is tiring din pala. :P But it was soooo much fun. We really have to do it again. :) Where to next time girls?

I'll post other pics once I get hold of copies. :)

I'm out.


mae said...

nice :)

arland said...

i know, right! modeling is so tiring!

rob said...

Nice shot! :)
I'm glad you had fun.

Rico said...

"I just realized that modeling is tiring din pala."

Kaya hindi ako nagtuloy mag-model at mag-artista eh, tiring kasi yung photoshoots. :)
Looking forward to some of your shots.

princess_dyanie said...

ay taraaay! anu meron teh?

kg said...

wow! parang artista! pwede! :)

Cza said...

thanks Mae! :)

Arland, di ba? :D Now let's plan the next one na. :)

thanks Rob! :)

Haha Rico! :P Kaya naman pala.. :P Sure.. I'll post others in the next few days. :)

Naku wala Dyanie.. napagtripan lang. Haha!

Papasa na ba KG? :D LOL.