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Travel, Deluxe-style

So we bought our tickets to Baguio in advance last night. The bus station was jam-packed! A lot of people are taking advantage of the long weekend. :) I'm not really a big fan of long bus rides. I always end up really dizzy and close to throwing up, but I have to admit that I'm pretty excited to try out the Deluxe bus of Victory Liner.

Fare costs P700.00. The Deluxe bus comfortably sits only 29 passengers and has a comfort room. One column has 2 seats per row and the other one only has 1. So I guess it's really more spacious than regular buses. The seats are wider and more comfortable too because it has extra cushions.. Oh and a leg rest too. They say that it also has a waiting lounge exclusively for deluxe passengers, I will definitely be taking pics of that one if ever we do get to stay there for a while. Okay... this is the first time ever that I'm actually excited to ride a bus. Hahaha! Let's see if I do like it. :)


Friday afternoon was starting to be boring for me, so what did I do? I gave my dear Rhino some exercise and took pics of my cube. The things you do when you're bored...

Me (according to Shid)

My booster

Toys and gifts


Dogbert invades my laptop

Keyboard (dirty?)

1st day of a 3-day weekend.. I'm off to have fun with friends. Hel-loooooo Saturday night!

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said…
P700? so doble sya ng reg bus right? The last time i went to baguio eh almost P340 reg fare ;)

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I'm out.