Wednesday, April 29

On a Natural High

I've been to a lot of places already.. but these two places really were something.. put me on a natural high. :)

Mt. Data Hotel. It is situated in Sinto, Bauko, Mt. Province at an elevation of 7200 ft. above sea level. So naturally, it was breezy and cool. Pine trees and blossoming flowers surround the area and you'll also see terraces slopes planted with vegetables. What this hotel offers is seclusion, calmness, and fresh mountain air. Definitely a nice getaway spot. :)

We didn't stay there though, we just passed-by on our way home because an Aunt of mine actually manages it. :)

Another 'high' point of our trip home was that I finally was able to take pics on the highest point of the Philippine Highway System. Elevation - 7400 ft. above sea level.

Higher higher higher... :)

I'm out.


Dennis Villegas said...

Wow! You've been to the highest highway in the Philippines! How cool is that! The photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

cpsanti said...

cza! looks like a real fun adventure! ;-)

Cza said...

@Dennis Villegas - it was really cool!!! :) the view was really something! :D

@cpsanti - it was it was! :D