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Marley made me cry

Last night, we got to watch Marley & Me...

...and the movie made me cry. T_T

It's not supposed to be a dramatic movie ergo I'm not supposed to cry while watching it. But I did. And most of the people watching it cried too I think. Yes, even the guys. :P There were no heavily dramatic scenes in the movie. And the conflicts/issues the characters encountered have all been shown in other movies already. So what makes this different? Well maybe because we can also easily relate to it. The struggles regarding the early stages of marriage, shifting careers, starting a family, getting 'stable'. It hits our generation just at the right time. :) Plus... it's the dog. He is the 'it' factor of the movie. Really. :P Marley is sooooooo stubbornly adorable. Any pet-lover especially dog-lovers would cry in this movie. ^_^

Watch it and see for yourself. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson effortlessly portrayed their roles too. Everything felt real. :) I'd like to have more movies like this... Simple plots with realistic conflicts. :)

I'm out.


ALiNe said…
ayan, mapanuod nga yan...
Like ko pa din ang girly movies :D
Cza said…
Go go! Next girly movie.. Confessions of a Shopaholic naman! :D
Goomba Face said…
Naaliw ako nung sinabi ko kay Sean na showing na Confessions this week.
"Ah oo nga. Napanood ko nga trailer. Tara?"

He knows I love the book.
mariaeliza8 said…
tara, let's watch sa thursday =) iwanan ang mga luvidubs! girl bonding ito =P
Cza said…
@Goomba Face - Hahaha! Si Arvic din willing samahan ako e. Gusto din daw nya panuorin. Funny! :P

@mariaeliza8 - Pwede! Pero pwede din naman isama.. ayaw ba ni Mal ng girly flicks? :P
mariaeliza8 said…
haha! tatanong ko kung gusto nya:P
Cza said…
hahaha! go go! malay mo di ba.. mamaya may shopping buddies na rin tayo! :D
Anonymous said…
'Yan ang nami-miss ko sa Pinas... MOVIES.
Dati, I could afford to watch weekly.
Babawi ako pag-uwi ko.
Few months to go.
Cza said…
Hi revsiopao! :D Kailan po kayo uwi? Sana by that time madaming tagalog movies na okay! :D

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