Friday, November 27

We were at... MyThai

One fine weekend, we decided that we wanted to go to a non-crowded mall to have dinner and have coffee. The first thing that came to mind was either Podium or Shangrila Mall, but then we couldn't think of a specific restaurant to go to. So we decided to go to Eastwood City and agreed that we'll randomly select the restaurant once we get there.

We ended up having dinner at....

Why this place? We already miss eating Thai Food because the only one we really go to for authentic and affordable Thai food is Soms and the place is still under renovation. MyThai was an obvious choice.

Off to the food...

We decided to order the same selection we usually order from Soms and got to compare the dishes.

First stop was the Tom Yum soup.

We were both allergic to shrimp and it's quite disappointing that MyThai doesn't offer the option of choosing chicken over shrimp (unlike Soms). We still wanted to taste their Tom Yum soup version so we still went ahead and ordered it. Good thing, I always bring my allergy meds for just-in-case situations like this.

The verdict: I'm happy that at least their shrimps were big and the serving as well. But Soms wins in this category. MyThai's soup is a bit too salty for my taste.

Next stop... Red Curry (Chicken).

Is it just me or will you agree with me that the dish looks like KareKare. =\ It felt like I was tricking my tastebuds. My mind was thinking "get ready for some KareKare" so my tastebuds were expecting KareKare already. Haha!

The verdict: It was a little bit spicy, really saucy, and the vegetables were cooked just right. Soms still wins though, there's something missing when I tasted it, maybe they missed a small pinch of a certain spice, I can't pinpoint what is it though.

The Bagoong Rice...

I was happy to see that the serving can be shared by at least 2 persons. It was interesting as well that it had peanuts as part of the ingredients to be mixed with the rice. I wasn't a big fan of the chunks of onions, Arvic liked it though.

The verdict: It wins over Soms' Bagoong rice. Serving-wise and taste-wise as well (sans the onions and red chili pepper).

All in all, it was an interesting restaurant. I'm glad I gave it a try but I'm also pretty sure I won't be eagerly back sometime soon. :P Oh by the way, I loved the cabinets and white couch. :)

My Thai Kitchen

Ground Floor Veranda,
Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City,
Libis, Quezon City

I'm out.

Tom Yum Goong on Foodista


kg said...

i've been looking for a nice thai place too.

do they have pad thai?

psychosomaticaddictinsane said...

l try this resto out! thanks for the post! :)

- iya

Calvin said...

Mmmm... i miss dining at soms. love their tomyum!

princess_dyanie said...

im not a big fan of spicy food kasi allergic ako haha. pero when i went to BKK syempre kumain na din ako ng thai food. sayang naman ang lugar dba hehe. like u, ang dami ko din dalang gamot haha ;)

Cza said...

@Calvin - yeah.. nakakamiss na ang Soms. Must be back agad once they're done renovating. :)

@kg - Yes they do! Go give it a try and tell me all about it. ;D

@iya - thanks for visiting my site! :) really appreciate it.. :D Hope you enjoy the food and the place ;D

@dyanie - mga pihikan tayo sa food. hehehe. :P buti na lang may meds. :D

Alisa@Foodista said...

You're very brave to try the Tom Yum even with your food allergy,but the prawn looks delicious!I came across your site Cza from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set, Thanks!

dyosa said...

Hay naku, hindi pa ako nakakakain kahit sa Som's. Anubayan? Hehe.

Been to Eastwood Mall a couple of times and have seen this restaurant. Will give this a go the next time I visit the place. Enjoy the long weekend! :D

MrsLavendula said...

we recently ate at My Thai and i agree most of their dishes are really second rate compared to Soms...wait, soms is renovating?! i haven't been back there for some time now

Cza said...

@dyosa - naku.. you should give it a try. :D

@Alisa - Thanks for the visit. I added your suggested widget :D

@MrsLavendula - Hello! Thanks for the visit. :D Yes, Soms is renovating, they're adding a 2nd floor I think. :)