Wednesday, November 11

This Is Why I Love Technology

I love technology because it gives you cool and easy ways to connect with friends. Me and the rest of my Sanity Keepers decided to just have dinner "together" eventhough Sheen is in Japan and Aims is in Singapore, we made it possible thru webcam. :)

It was a fun fun night. Except for one unfortunate event which deserves a separate entry. BV kasi.

I love my keepers, they really do keep me sane. And we have proven time and again that distance or time away from each other will never be a friendship-buster. :)

Oh, and thank you Malcolm's Place for the free wi-fi which made this all possible.

I'm out.


ALiNe said...

Cool :D

witsandnuts said...

Ang saya naman!

Ang PansitLove sa 2010 said...


avidtraveler said...


I completely agree to what you feel about technology. Afterall, that's exactly how I could find your blog.