Thursday, November 12

One Lucky Me

I don't win any raffle prizes.. Well, come to think of it, I won ONCE care of Embracing Everyday's Blog. See how happy I was HERE.

So after a very BV (Bad Vibe) previous day and a crappy headache and allergy attack the following morning you can just imagine my surprise when upon paying my Starbucks drink, the barista told me that I won a free tall drink care of their 'Customer Voice' campaign. I was given a site to visit, then a Customer Code to enter once I visit their site, I'll just answer the survey, get my Complimentary Beverage ID at the end of the survey then voila I can claim a free tall drink from any Starbucks Branch. Coolness!!!

I just finished the survey.. I'm off to claim my reward. :)

Nothing beats free coffee so early in the morning. What a nice way to start an early early day. :) Good morning people!

I'm out.


ALiNe said...

nice :D

leydi said...

wow congrats! "customer voice" campaign?? there's such thing? panu manalo dun?!?!

kung ako yun mapapadilat ako: "WOW FREE STARBS COFFEE!" hehe (oh btw, may stickers din un?)

Ang PansitLove sa 2010 said...

tagal ko ng hindi nakakapunta ng starbucks.

sana i could also get one of those. that would be enough motivation for me to visit starbucks. hehehe!

kg said...

i also took that survey! :)

you're right, nothing beats free! he! he!

princess_dyanie said...

sarap talaga pag libre! haha!

Cza said...

@aline - ;D

@leydi - parang natitimingan lang ata sa receipt e. Kahit barista hindi nila alam kung kailan ata. :)

@Ang PansitLove sa 2010 - sana nga! sana lahat halos makakuha this red cup season para sulit! :D

@kg - apir! lucky us :D

@princess_dyanie - o nga e! kaya ilibre mo na ako... ;p