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Ngong Ping - Part 1

After Checking in at Dragon Hostel (which I highly recommend because of its location, price and accessibility. You just have to make sure you're not claustrophobic coz you might panic at the size of the room and most especially the comfort room. Hehe. =P)... first stop was Ngong Ping.

How to get there? From MongKok Train station. Go on the Tsuen Wan Line (Red) up to Lai King. Then transfer to the Tung Ching Line (Orange) to go all the way to Tung Chung. You'll even pass the Disney train stop, Sunny Bay. :)

So everyone... welcome to Tung Chung station.

We'll be going right away to Ngong Ping.

But before that, for sure you'll be tempted to shop coz you'll pass by.... CITYGATE!

The ultimate outlet store haven. Everything's on sale. 60% and above discounts for designer brands. Giordana pants can be bought for P600+ a piece, and I even saw original Crocs being sold for P700 only. Niiiiice! There were a lot of sport stores too like Nike, Adidas etc etc.

Anyway.. back to NgongPing. Hehehe. So we excitedly went straight to the ticket station and saw a very nice staircase with "Welcome" greeting from different languages...

We had to choose between The Journey of Enlightenment Package and NgongPing Cable Car Experience - Roundtrip... and we decided to take the roundtrip cable car experience and have our own enlightenment journey. :) The package was a bit expensive anyways...

The Journey of Enlightenmant package (HKD$159)
-Roundtrip NgongPing Cable Car Journey
-Entry to Walking with Buddha
-Monkey's Tale Theatre attractions

Roundtrip Cable Car costs HKD$96

To be continued.... (expect lots of senseless posings.. haha!)

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said…
ang dayaaaa! open na syaaaa! nung nagpunta kami 2 yrears ago eh under construction sya. what's the diff of the 2 packages? and how much na cable car now? ;)
dyosa said…
"senseless posings" Hahahahahahaha!

Post mo din prices ha para makapagbudget na ako. :-D
Cza said…
@dyanie - oooh.. cge eedit ko para makita nyo difference. :)

@dyosa - cge cge! I'll post the prices too. :) Hopefully maalala ko lahat. Hahaha!
ALiNe said…
Ay ang mahal ng package nyo.. Ok ba yung monkey theater? di ako nag ganun e.. heehee!
Cza said…
@Aline - hindi kami nagpackage e.. :) we did our own journey of enlightenment na lang. haha! :P
the donG said…
ganda nung hgadan na may mga ads or ano man yon. astig tong trip na to.
Cza said…
hey donG! thanks for visiting. :D

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