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Awwwwwwwwwww Moment

Okay... I just had to post this coz I really really really think it's sweet. :)

I got my gift this morning from Arvic. It was wrapped by him and all. I tried to guess what it was and first guess was "It's a book!". I was actually excited already at the idea that it might be a book but then Arvic said "Nope...". But it was obviously a book by the way it was wrapped so I still insisted "Book to e!". He again said, " Hindi kaya.. Open it.". And so I did...

Conversation went:
Me: "O... book nga! Tama kaya ako."
Him: "Hindi kaya.. bookS kaya yan.. hindi Book."

Corny? Hehe.. But just like what has been said in the movie The Holiday... "I'm looking for corny in my life."

Arthur Abbott: I've got something for you.
[picks up a corsage]
Iris: [touched] Oh.
Arthur Abbott: Forgive me. The last time I had a date, this this is what we did.
Iris: It's beautiful.
[kisses Arthur on the cheek]
Arthur Abbott: If it's corny, or if it's going to ruin your outfit, you don't have to wear it.
Iris: [Iris puts the corsage on her wrist] I like corny.
[takes Arthur's hands]
Iris: I'm looking for corny in my life.
Arthur Abbott: That's a nice line.

Okay.. back to my story.. Guessed what I got?

He gave me a number of Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes comics. :) I definitely loved it! :D

What's sweet about this gift is that I remember mentioning to him waaaaay before that I'd like to start collecting these comics someday coz I plan to have a mini-library in my future home. And I really haven't thought of starting collecting yet because it's a bit expensive. Plus, I'm really touched that he pays attention to simple details of our everyday conversation. It's the little things that really do matter. :)

I love my guy... I reaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyy do.

Okay. Enough mush. Pagbigyan nyo na, birthday ko naman e. :P

I'm out.


mariaeliza8 said…
Awwwwwwwwwwww.. sweet naman :D
mitch said…
sweeeet ^__^
Cza said…
@eliza - haha! mushy? :P
Cza said…
@mitchu - hehehe :D o nga.. natouch ako in fairness. :P
gandarynako said…
aw, that is sweet indeed. i love corny too ;-)
Cza said…
@gandanaryo - weeeee... we love corny! :D

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