Tuesday, April 10

Cza-volver (As Arvic fondly calls it)

Yes, I have a new gun. It's a revolver. Papa decided i need to have my own gun since our house in QC has been targeted more than once by "akyat bahay" gangs lately. Damn them.

Anyway, here's the gun.

The paperwork and permits are being processed already.

So this past Holy Week break, I've been target shooting and practicing using the new gun in our shooting range in N. Ecija. Here's my brother refilling bullets on his own gun »»»

Here's Arvic waiting for his turn and in action »»»

Here's Papa, the veteran shooter »»»

I still am not a fan of guns. The thougt of pointing a gun on another person scares me A LOT. But i guess the world is a scarier place now. People DO harm other people. But blah, here's to praying I won't need to use it EVER on another person. Be gone magnanakaws, god bless you.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out.

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Leda said...

you have your own gun!? whoa. scary! *wag po, wag po* hahaha!

Christopher Biasbas said...

Nice! Single or double action yung revolver? Do you watch Top Shot sa History Channel? You should! :)

Sendo said...

wah...astig..gunslinger girl! :) galing ah. right on, andami ng taong mumu sa mundo. be careful :) when the time comes, the choice to use it will be difficult too. i wish i had my own gun too hehe

Cind said...

the thought of using it is really scary! but always nice to do target shooting. :)