Tuesday, March 8

Work Woes

I've been wanting to ask this so badly... WHO INVENTED WORK?!?!??? and money and 5-day workweeks?!?? =P

I know.. I know... I just got back to working a couple of months ago so technically I have no right to rant (yet). So let's get to the details. I've been working for close to 2 months now, been with this particular client for a month already. I won't say where... but it's generally counted as a "local company" and may I just say that based from experience, local company culture is really not for me.

For my past 2 jobs, it's mostly multinational clients that I worked with so I'm comparing this particular experience with those engagements. So here are the things that I just find weird:

People "expect" you to call them sir, ma'am, miss etc. Especially if they're from "higher" positions. So when I send out emails, I have to double check and see if I put the correct citations just so noone would be "offended".

People loooove escalating other people. I personally see this as a "powertrip" move. There's nothing wrong with escalating concerns, but the reason behind the escalation should count, plus.. escalate the work or the deliverable, not the person. Work is work.. professionalism should always be a priority.

They have this thinking that the more hours you're in the office, the more productive you are. This is not true! Productivity should be measured through output and actual deliverables, not the number of hours in the office. Malay ba naten kung tumatambay lang?

Just my two cents. :)

Now back to work I go. Busy bee mode. Buzz buzz buzz.
I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

I super agree with you. Dito sa current work ko, first name basis kami at discouraged ang pag stay ng beyond office hours unless kelangan talaga. :)

kg said...

"They have this thinking that the more hours you're in the office, the more productive you are." true! OT ka nga ng OT pero puro ka naman petiks! hello!

Chyng said...

Japanese company yan no?

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

who invented work? kung sino man siya babatukan ko! he he but eto na lang mindset ko na words of wisdom ng Canadian friend ko work=money=travel. we're both saving up for South America traveling in a motorcycle. I'm really saving up on that!!!