Friday, March 4

On being a sicko

I have spent this week being sick. And it's definitely not a good way to start my birthday month. :( But me being a positive-thinker and a believer that everything happens for a reason, I just dealt with it and realized a lot of good things.

First, iba talaga ang alaga ng Mom. I love it that my mom is just a text or call away (kasi she's in the province). When she went to Manila, automatic I had sets of meds right away, comfort food and she checked on me (for free! no doctor's fee =P)

Second, ang sarap din ng maalaga ang bf. Sa sobrang pag-aalaga nya, nahawa na rin sya tuloy. :P So we both were on SL last monday. Haha!

The simple joys and blessings of life. =) Thank you Papa God! It's friday! and I'm still sick but I feel a whole lot better already coz it's the weekend again. :)

Enjoy your weekends!

I'm out.


kg said...

hope you're well cza! it's nice talaga pag marami nag-aalaga. and yes, iba ang alaga ng isang nanay! haay...

kayni said...

Feel better soon, and enjoy the weekend.