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Climate Change

The weather is starting to get unpredictable already. With all the earthquake, tsunami and earth shifts. Here in Manila, during the mornings it's a bit cold and breezy then when afternoon comes it gets really hot (summer heat). Which made me remember an exhibit at the Field Museum we visited in Chicago. It was all about Climate Change.

My Ate with the globe

Coral Crisis

There was an interactive wall you can leave notes on. It poses the question --->

And here are some answers:

Pretty neat! :) We really should start taking care of our world. Mother Earth is literally crying out for help already.

I'm out.


kg said…
hay naku cza, dapat talaga people will be more serious about helping out...di lang dapat puro salita diba? :)

kamukha mo sis mo. :)
Manila Girl said…
It's so scary, right? I feel like the world really has to come up with something drastic to remedy the damage that we've already caused! I'm with you in saving Mother Earth. :-)
"We really should start taking care of our world" - I sooo agree! Not just for us, but for future generations.
docgelo said…
i agree. mother nature is crying out loud for concern.

unlike most people i know who find going to museum like this boring, i look at it otherwise.
Bruha said…
Helping out doesn't need something outrages. I agree with one of the clipped suggestions there: pick up trashes! LOL

Missed visiting here in your blog. :)

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