Monday, September 12

Fifi is sick

I have 4 dogs at home. 1 askal, 1 rescued dog (looks like a wolf), and 2 maltese puppies. Our house in the province has more than 15 dogs, big and small. Yeah, we're dog-lovers. So you can just imagine my panic when I thought one of my doggies is about to go blind.

Fifi, one of the maltese puppies, had a swollen right eye. We all thought it was soreeyes at first, then wednesday came and it looked like she couldn't open her right eye already. Finally, we had her checked-up by the vet over the weekend. The verdict: Her eye was scratched pretty bad (probably during playtime with her sister Didi) and now it's swollen and infected. :( She got several injections for the swelling and the pain.

Brave little fifi. She's under observation and medication until next week. I hope she gets well already. :) She misses Didi. They had to be seperated to avoid rough playtime until she gets better :)

I'm out.

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witsandnuts said...

Wow, lots of dogs! We have/had, too, pero jap spitz and pug naman. I hope that Fifi is better na.