Tuesday, September 27

Alba - Spanish Restaurant

We celebrated my parent's Anniversary last weekend and we opted to try something different this time. We always end up at Japanese, Chinese or Italian restaurants when we eat out. So I told them that maybe they want to try a Spanish restaurant this time, they said "yes!".

We went all the way to Tomas Morato to have dinner at Alba. I didn't know they have buffet during weekends pala. So here's the buffet spread...

Ma, Pa and my brother Ivan ended up enjoying the buffet selection while Arvic and Me opted to order our own Paella (Pesto Paella) and steak (with mashed potato and tomato sauce).

Alba had a good selection of wine, chorizos and dessert too.

Yumyumyum! 3 buffet + a few extra orders amounted to P3K++. Not bad, not bad at all. :)

I'm out.

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princess_dyanie said...

Sayang hindi mo inabot yung offer sa Deal grocer na 50% sa Alba! I purhased from them and recently tried it! Paella and Cochinillo are winner tska yung Canonigo!