Friday, December 31

Thank you 2010!

2010... I am about to bid goodbye to you in a few minutes. And I would like to tell you something before you actually bid goodbye to all of us.

Thank you 2010. You have been an amazing year. A year of travels with family, friends and with Arvic. I appreciate that a lot. I love sharing travel memories with people I love. They will forever remain priceless to me. The US was great by the way, I shall go back there and see more of it. I promise! :)

Thank you 2010. You taught me to be patient. I was not working for almost the whole half end-part of the year. Sure, I became a little bit uneasy already and impatient but the 'time-off' gave me my much-needed break to reflect back on what I really want in life and where I want to go. I wanted to leave the Philippines for greener pastures elsewhere but then realized that maybe I'm still not meant to be away from family and friends. I guess, there's still a lot to be done here. And a whole lot more to enjoy. ;)

Thank you 2010. I learned more about being in a relationship. Sure this year was a little bit bumpy compared to previous years but the lessons I learn in each bumpy ride you let me in are precious. I learned more about Arvic and most especially about me. I know we still have a long way to go but I sure am glad I have him in my life. This partnership will go places.. I just know it! ;)

Thank you 2010. Friendships grew even stronger during this year. I appreciate my true friends more and more each year. A lot of milestones were met this year like the 10-year mark with my college friends.. and even more years with my highschool friends. You also made me realize that indeed true friendships can stem from being workmates. I am really lucky to have these people in my life.

Thank you 2010, you leave me with a more hopeful heart. I know that 2011 will be great but I shall always remember you as the year that I learned a lot from.



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princess_dyanie said...

Happy New Year teh! Nagtext ang 2010, quota ka na daw sa bakasyon. So mag work ka na daw ahahaha!! :))

Hope to see you again with the rest of Tweeties haha :D Love you teh! :x