Thursday, December 16

Another First

This last Boracay trip was an adventure for me. I did another 'first'. And I'm glad I had the courage to do this. Usually kasi I excuse myself from extreme activities. But this one was just to good to say no to.

We did this! Helmet Diiiiiiive!

First there was an orientation. We were told about the sign language we're required to use once we're underwater. The signs would inform our instructor if we're "okay", "not good", "wants to go up already", "needs to pinch nose for equalizing" *I wish I could post pics of the me doing the signs.*  Haha!

Them doing the "okay" sign...

Next, we needed to sign-up...

Then gear up!

Then off to the bottom of the ocean we go. Well more of 10-15 ft lang naman.. not really that deep. :P

My turn!

Underwater shots:

Saya! Sarap ulitin. :)

I'm out.


kayni said...

wow, ang galing. looks like a lot of fun. i'd love to experience that too.

kg said...

gusto ko yan!!!!

anney said...

Gotta try that helmet diving pag balik namin sa Bora!

chr1sb said...

ang saya naman nyan! masubukan nga kapag nag-bora kami ulit. :)