Tuesday, November 23


During one of my trips to Singapore. We decided to meet up with a friend and have dinner at Ikea. :)

I was honestly surprised to see lots of people having dinner there. Once we lined up for food.. it was evident why.

We had coupons care of our friend who was a member of Ikea. :) We had free chicken wings!!! One of their best sellers.. Yum!

Kainan naaaaaa...

I'm out. :)


kg said...

ang sarap naman! kakatakam!

witsandnuts said...

I am a suki of IKEA here. When you go inside my flat, it's very IKEA. Hahaha. There are weekends we dine in their resto. They have nice selection of dishes.

docgelo said...

sarap naman, cza! may freebies pa!

btw, nice fresh look of your template! =)

Photo Cache said...

I am a fan of the Ikea restaurant too. Out here their selection is limited, but still people come and eat, because it's cheap and flavorful.

I mostly come for the Swedish meatballs and of course their desserts are amazing :)