Tuesday, November 2


I was planning on deleting my friendster account already. For old times sake, I revisited the testimonials page.. and voila. I saw this... A testimonial from him.

Cza... My Darling, My Angel, My Dear, My Lady, My Sweetheart, My Bestfriend, My First Thought when I wake up, My Dreamgirl, My Last Thought before I sleep, My partner in adventures, My Addiction, My Fellow Freak, My Sweetness, My Weakness, My Inspiration, My Hugs, My Kisses, My Love... Girl whose captured my heart...

You bring out the Best, the Mushiness and the Cheesyness in me. You constantly Surprise me, Amaze me and put a Smile in my face. You make me want to sweep you off your feet every single time. And your the only one who I'll write something these cheesy for and post it for the whole world to read... :)

Awwww.. <3. Wala pa ata kaming 1 month nyan. Hahaha!

So I visited his page and saw my testimonial for him.

He's my happy thought, my answered prayer, my head cheerleader, my addiction, my good karma, my fellow freak, my breakfastmate, my moviebuddy, my fellow mass-goer, my warm hug, my sweet kiss, my fellow-adventurer, my favorite person, my dear.

Hmmmm.. parang nagkopyahan lang o! Hahaha! Alam ko ako yung nauna nagsulat e. But because what he wrote is longer, parang ako tuloy yung gaya gaya. Hmph! :P

Bottomline, I can't delete my Friendster account yet. I still want to reminisce.

I'm out. :)


kayni said...

buti ka pa, you have great comments on your friendster profile. ako wala :(.

witsandnuts said...

That was a sweet surprise, don't delete nga. I almost deleted my friendster account, too, last year. Pero may sentimental value pa rin. But I'm still considering to delete it. Haha.

Leda said...

well, now that you've copied and pasted the impt stuff to this blog, i think pde mo na idelete ung friendster accnt mo. parang nag migrate ka lang ;) hahaha!

HalfCrazy said...

Hey there! :)

Wala pa kayong one month nun? Eh ngayon? Haha nakiki-chismis lang.

I like how cheesy and romantic you guys are. Bagay talaga yata kayo! :)

I suggest not deleting your Friendster account. There's some good memories on my Friendster too. :)