Wednesday, October 6

Memphis Memories (Part II)

Another thing I love about Memphis beside its musical history is the food!

We were treated to breakfast by our family friends in this really cute, small yet cozy cafe near a park. The name of the place is "Blue Plate Cafe"

You can see the park in the glass reflection in the first pic.

When we got in, it was pretty obvious that the place was a popular one because there are a number of people waiting to be seated in the entrance area. Reminds me of Pancake house here in Manila.

The couches looked soft and comfy

The walls were filled with paintings and mirrors. Yes, I took advantage of the mirrors and took pictures of myself. Haha!

Off to the menu. The menu was really interesting. It had a newspaper design. So it gave you a feeling that you were just home reading the paper while waiting for your pancakes to be served. Really a nice touch. :)

Wide selection of omelette, pancakes and waffles. Lots of toppings to choose from also. So here's the food.

Everything was good!!! :D Even the sweetened Iced Tea and the refillable brewed coffee. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a pic of the rest of the waffles. I loved the generous amount of fresh fruit toppings. :)

If I've be given the chance to be back in Memphis. I'll most definitely dine here again.

I'm out.


Chyng said...

now that's a real american breakfast. now drooling over the pancakes! ♥

kg said...

ang sarap cza! yummm! i miss the food in the US! sana makapunta din ako memphis! he he!

Nortehanon said...

now i'm hungry heheh