Sunday, October 3

Just another wine night

Cougar Town is to blame for our sudden craving for wine that day. And of course where else would we end up but in Barcino. :)

The food...
Our favorites of course!

Chorizo Platter

 Paella Negra

The star of the night: Red Wine

For dessert:

Mouth-watering Sinful Chocolate Cake

And Arvic's favorite Creme Brulee :) I really need to learn how to prepare this already.

It was a night of catching up with my girls and of course good conversation. :)

I'm out.


kg said...

pag marunong ka na gumawa ng creme brulee turuan mo ako! he he!

docgelo said...

sumptuous meal! wow! =)

witsandnuts said...

Paella negra! Kakatakam. :)

The first time I tried creme brulee was during the Kapampangan Tour in Claude Tayag's house. Super sarap! I wish it's possible to replicate that.