Tuesday, July 6

Why Hello Branson

So we were off to another of our family roadtrips and as planned we spent 2 days at Branson. Branson is tagged as the "Las Vegas" of Missouri. It's known as the "Live Music Show Capital of the World" as well because it has more than 50 live performances from different establishments readily available for tourists. :)

As we were looking for our hotel at Branson, we drove by many amazing attraction structures, it was indeed a feast for the eyes ---

Hello KingKong! Thanks for the welcome :P

Yay Hollywood?! :P

Okay.. who's fault is this?

American Eagle?

Looooong slide... I think I'll die not because of the slide but because of the long staircase going up. Haha!

My nephew Andy claims that this is his place.... Silly boy!

"Come back... come back..." Yes, I was looking for Jack.

Weeee! GLEE!!!

Rhino (my camera) happily clicked away. :D

I'm out.


kg said...

you drove by those on the way to your hotel? ok ha!

witsandnuts said...


... and King Kong, too!

Rico said...

That slide staircase bit was funny! Enjoy your trip Cza!