Saturday, July 10

Bookworm Heaven

It's been a million years ago since I last set food on a library. So when Ate suggested that we visit the public library in Sedalia she frequents I wasn't really super excited about it. But when we got there.... Wow. It rekindled my long-lost love affair with books.

It had an old building facade... had 3 floors (a separate section for kiddie books), and a free internet area. :)

Mama looking for the books she wants to read. She's in the Mystery books section.

Me, trying to look for something to borrow.

Ate, stuck in her section as well.

MY zone!!! (bawal umangal :P)

I'm out.


kg said...

you know what? we need some good libraries here in manila...

witsandnuts said...

I wonder how our National Library and Asian Library look like now. I've been a suki during college.

docgelo said...

uy, looking like a bookworm ah! *kidding* ...good to know that you managed to go to a library during your trips abroad. not most people have the luxury of time and interest to do it.

sometimes, i like the smell of old books. hehe.

aira said...

hi, ganda naman po ng blog na pinost nyo libraries po ba yan kc angn ganda po talaga ee

Amy B. said...

Haha, @ "my section" lols. like docgelo, I like the smell of old books too :) makes me wanna read more hehe

Chin said...

I'd kill for a library. We don't have one in the boondocks, which is home to this little nutcracker for the time being. Sad, sad, sad!