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Pie Tart Heaven

My first day back in SG was all walking and pigging out. I don't complain about the walking though, because we reward ourselves with foodtrips such as the one we had in Fruits Paradise.

I was expecting fruit shakes and desserts with lots of fruits so I had a really big smile when I saw these....

Now let me tempt you further...

Drooling already? :)

Here are our orders:

Caramel Banana
Strawberry Mango

Sarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap! ;)

I'm out.


docgelo said…
WOW! tingin pa lang dyan, langit na! sarap! i am green in envy! =)
kayni said…
wow, i want some. share naman.
arvic said…
sarap naman! dalin mo ko diyan ha dear.. hehe :)
witsandnuts said…
Tart heaven nga! Are you still in SG? I saw your tweets. It sounds like a very solemn wedding. =)
Photo Cache said…
that's my kind of place. i like the things you ordered. which was was better tasting?
oh tukso, layuan mo ako!
Cza said…
@docgelo - ang sarap nga tlaga!!!

@kayni - haha! let's go to SG. :)

@arvic - next time dear, let's go. :D

@witsandnuts - i want to learn how to make pies. ;D and yes the wedding was great.

@photocache - the caramel banana was pretty good. the other one was heavenly though. :D

@photocache - titig pa bilis.. ;D
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bobby said…
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heaven! i'd love to try the caramel banana...

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