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At the Buko Bar

When we arrived at the hotel, after checking-in the first stop was merienda (snack time) at the Buko Bar. It's an Al fresco poolside lounge offering sandwiches, pizza, and light refreshment. It's located in the pool side of the main wing.

It was just what we needed because we were beginning to feel hungry and thirsty... I loved the wooden floor, stools and comfy couches of the place.

Off to the food...

Club Sandwich

Sausage sandwich


Banana Split

My order was the Club Sandwich and I shared it with my mom, it was filling. I was really full even with just eating 1/4 of it. We were surprised with the size serving of the Calamares.. it really can be shared by 3-4 persons. Papa said the Banana split was good and refreshing, Andy loved his Sausage sandwich and the fries.

Buko Bar
Shangrila Mactan
(63 32) 231 8224
Hours 10am - 6pm
Cultural Show and Filipino Buffet : 6pm - 9pm

I'm out.


Calv said…
that sausage sandwich looks mouthwatering!
kg said…
i love the setting of the bar. cozy na cozy ang dating. sarap mag hang out dyan.
docgelo said…
lalo ko na-miss ang pinas
sa post mo, cza.
kakagutom! i miss shangri la mactan;
they're lobby with complete view of the sea is fantastic!
Photo Cache said…
all the food are so yummy and so beautifully captured.
princess_dyanie said…
yay! gusto ko na lang humiga diyan sa ilalim ng umbrella! haha! :P

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