Thursday, December 29

I wanna be a Chicago-an

I fell in love with Chicago.. as a tourist.
It has a mix of old and new structures and the weather was nice and cool (at least it was when we were there). I heard it gets really really cold during the winter. Oprah is from Chicago... and Michael Jordan too!!! :P Plus... I really like museums. And Chicago has a lot of them!!!

Most of our time in Chicago was spent walking along Downtown and eating out... the food is good! It still does not compare with what NYC can offer but there are definitely good places to dine. I will blog about our foodtrips too. :)

For now, here's some of our pics here and there. I can say that we'll definitely back. :)


The Bean

The Field Museum

Downtown Chicago

O for Oprah

Thank you Chicago! :)

I'm out. :)

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kg said...

i wanna go to chicago too!!!

merry christmas cza!