Wednesday, July 6

Feeling old(er)

Coffee + newspaper combo.

Definitely made me feel old. But made me feel good too. Times are definitely a-changing. Frankly, I wanna freeze time... Parang ambilis ng year na to donchathink?

Speaking of time being real fast, I just been regularized (as an employee). This means I've been with this company for close to half a year. Wow. Well, here's proof »


Carpe diem!
I'm out. ;-)

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Leda said...

congrats! :)

witsandnuts said...

Congratulations! Ang bilis nga ng panahon, parang kelangan lang you were tweeting about your joining another organization. And I loved your smile in the photos, so refreshing. :)

kg said...

congrats on the regularization!

agree ako...super bilis talaga ng panahon!

MrsLavendula said...

congratulations! little miss wanderlust! hehehe...i know what you mean about the coffee and newspaper combo!