Sunday, April 10

The Hapa Exhibit

I recovered these photos from our Chicago Trip last year. I remember being really amazed while reading short lines from these special people. It's a Hapa Exhibit in the field museum. What's Hapa  you may ask?

Interesting? :) Here are pics of proud Hapa people.

I saw a number of Filipinos (most are from Hawaii and Japan) featured in the exhibit too.
I'm out.


kg said...

wow! may ganyan palang term ano? and there's even an exhibit for it! :)

Chyng said...

the last time you posted something like this - Last Meal Proj! haha creepy! (natatak yun sa isip ko)

alam mo last week, I saw a girl and i think it's you. tinitigan ko sya mabuti, and she didnt smile back. so i guess mali ako. hehe

Cza said...

Hi Chyng - Where??????

docgelo said...

i wonder how it feels like to be born as hapa; tapos from hawaii and (one of my favorite places) japan! it must be wow! *not that i don't like being true-blooded pinoy, of course not!*