Friday, December 31

Thank you 2010!

2010... I am about to bid goodbye to you in a few minutes. And I would like to tell you something before you actually bid goodbye to all of us.

Thank you 2010. You have been an amazing year. A year of travels with family, friends and with Arvic. I appreciate that a lot. I love sharing travel memories with people I love. They will forever remain priceless to me. The US was great by the way, I shall go back there and see more of it. I promise! :)

Thank you 2010. You taught me to be patient. I was not working for almost the whole half end-part of the year. Sure, I became a little bit uneasy already and impatient but the 'time-off' gave me my much-needed break to reflect back on what I really want in life and where I want to go. I wanted to leave the Philippines for greener pastures elsewhere but then realized that maybe I'm still not meant to be away from family and friends. I guess, there's still a lot to be done here. And a whole lot more to enjoy. ;)

Thank you 2010. I learned more about being in a relationship. Sure this year was a little bit bumpy compared to previous years but the lessons I learn in each bumpy ride you let me in are precious. I learned more about Arvic and most especially about me. I know we still have a long way to go but I sure am glad I have him in my life. This partnership will go places.. I just know it! ;)

Thank you 2010. Friendships grew even stronger during this year. I appreciate my true friends more and more each year. A lot of milestones were met this year like the 10-year mark with my college friends.. and even more years with my highschool friends. You also made me realize that indeed true friendships can stem from being workmates. I am really lucky to have these people in my life.

Thank you 2010, you leave me with a more hopeful heart. I know that 2011 will be great but I shall always remember you as the year that I learned a lot from.



Another One Just Got Hitched

Right after Christmas, I was really busy. Why? Because one of my bestfriend got married! :)

What I love about weddings of really close friends... it instantly becomes a reunion!


It was super fun to see people dress-up and suit-up for a change :) I missed these wacky guys.

Plus... kinilig ako kasi ang gwapo ng boyfriend ko... *kilig*

Congratulations to my dear dear bestfriend... Jing and BJ! Love love love!

I'm out.

Thursday, December 23

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas eve tomorrow already. And when I reflect back to the year that was (and still is), I am overwhelmed with all the blessings I received. So what I want to give back to the universe is the same love it has showered me not just this Christmas season but all throughout the whole year.


from Me and Arvic,

from Me and my family,

Feel the love.. Spread the love! :)

I'm out.

Thursday, December 16

Another First

This last Boracay trip was an adventure for me. I did another 'first'. And I'm glad I had the courage to do this. Usually kasi I excuse myself from extreme activities. But this one was just to good to say no to.

We did this! Helmet Diiiiiiive!

First there was an orientation. We were told about the sign language we're required to use once we're underwater. The signs would inform our instructor if we're "okay", "not good", "wants to go up already", "needs to pinch nose for equalizing" *I wish I could post pics of the me doing the signs.*  Haha!

Them doing the "okay" sign...

Next, we needed to sign-up...

Then gear up!

Then off to the bottom of the ocean we go. Well more of 10-15 ft lang naman.. not really that deep. :P

My turn!

Underwater shots:

Saya! Sarap ulitin. :)

I'm out.

Tuesday, December 14


It has been a crazy and hectic December. First, there was the Boracay trip with Arvic's family. Then his brother's wedding. Then my bestfriend's wedding. Add all of that to the Holiday craze as well. But who am I to complain? It's all about love love love and fun fun fun! I'll start posting pics in my FB account. For now, this is what I got for you.

Keep you guys posted :)

I'm out.