Tuesday, October 30

My Dear Friend Anita

I lost a friend last week.
A dear dear dear friend.
And until now I refuse to accept the idea of not being able to see her or talk to her ever again.

We were blockmates during college. Became close girlfriends. And stayed in touch eversince. We have dinners and drinks at least once a month and we constantly chat via whatsapp or skype. I was just talking to her before she left for the US and was teasing her about not coming home since she might suddenly get married or something. She assured me I'll see her mid-November and we'll talk about her trip. She left for the US for a 5-week vacation last Oct. 18.. got sick in the US (they say she caught the flu or some kind of virus or maybe was already sick - blood results are still being processed).. then died Oct. 23.

Why her. Why this soon. Why why why. Life is unfair.

The first time I heard about her death was when I visited her FB page. It has been 3 days since she left and I was bothered that she hasn't updated me yet or she has not posted any pics or updates on her wall. Then I saw tons of RIP messages and a link to a site asking for help to raise funds to bring her body home here in Manila. I was confused and angry. I just couldn't believe it.

This was my post>>>

I've been surrounding myself with friends and thinking of happy memories to stop myself from crying too much. The moment it was confirmed by her boyfriend's sister that Anne is already gone I just lost it and couldn't stop crying. There was still a lot of things she wanted to do, go to and experience. She was supposed to be one of my abays when I get married someday. She wanted kids. She loves kids. We laughed at the idea that our children we'll be best buddies and we look forward to the idea of reminiscing about how silly we were when we were younger. I was not supposed to reminisce alone... this soon.

This was one of our last conversation >>>

She was happy. She was in love. She died with AJ by her side. That's my only consolation.

I will never ever forget you my dear Anita. My Pakner. My crazy friend. Get-togethers and wine nights will never be the same. I still don't know how I'll react and feel once I see you back here in Manila.... This is just too soon.

We're trying to get her home and thank God for great friends and really caring strangers, we were able to raise the funds in 2 days. Here's the site a friend made for her if you still want to donate>>> http://www.annemabilangan.com
Please help me pray for her.   I'm out.

Thursday, October 4

Friends Friends

L-R : Ketty, RV, Merie, Arvic, Me, Emil


I really treasure my friendships --- especially those kind formed in times when I really needed friends to be able to cope through something. I was given a chance to meet-up with my IBM friends recently. And it was fun fun fun! I really missed these people. If you've been to the bad and back with people, the friendship just can't be replaced or tarnished. Even if we don't talk that much like before, just one text message or chat would do.

Anyway, enough blabbing. Thanks for the friendship amazing people! See you soonest. :)

I'm out.

Wednesday, October 3

Baby Weiwei

Happy 2 months Baby Supladita!!!! Tita is very very very excited to see you na. :)

I'm out.

Sweet cravings

Another new find!!! Well.. new to us at least. Since it's that time of the month.... I am craving for sweeeeets!!! And this is the cake I really want as in NOW.

Pistachio Sansrival! Haaaaay... why why why do girls have this cravings monthly. Unfair.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out.